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Because hunger doesn't wait for policy change.

Daily Bread’s Mission

We believe that access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege. No one should go hungry. We believe that no one should face barriers in accessing food.


End poverty and hunger in our communities.


  • Support our member agencies to provide food and assistance to people struggling with hunger.
  • Reduce poverty through research, education and the promotion of social change.


Integrity & Honesty
We will demonstrate integrity and honesty in everything we say and do because we believe it is essential in building community support, commitment and loyalty of our donors and stakeholders.

We will be accountable for delivering on our promises and ensuring that the people dependent on our services are adequately cared for.

Mutual Respect
We will treat people, regardless of their situation, with the same respect we would want to be shown in order to create a productive, supportive and solution-based environment where people in need come first.

We will express our sense of caring at every opportunity because it is the foundation of our organization and the service it provides.


  • Social justice
  • Collaboration
  • Hope and dignity for all
  • Improving quality of life
  • Inspiring others to give back to the community
  • Open communication
  • Quality and excellence
  • Creating safe, healthy and supportive environments
  • Fair and equitable treatment
  • Collective responsibility

Imagine Canada Logo

Daily Bread Food Bank is proud to be an accredited organization with Imagine Canada’s National Standards Program.