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Because hunger doesn't wait for policy change.





We need volunteers for our 2018 Who’s Hungry Report!

Daily Bread Food Bank believes that research is critical to creating social change to reduce poverty, so every year we collect data from food banks across Toronto to publish the Who’s Hungry Report.

Based on issues that affect food bank clients, the Who’s Hungry Report helps advocate for policy changes that improve the lives of children and adults living in poverty.

And to create our Who’s Hungry Report we need volunteers!

If you are over 19 years old and fluent in reading, writing and speaking English, you can volunteer. We also need volunteers who can speak other languages. Survey training will be provided.

When and Where
Surveying starts in February and goes to the end of April. Hours and shifts will vary but most shifts are 2 to 3 hours long. We conduct surveys in more than 50 food banks across Toronto.

To volunteer
Contact Haiat Iman at (416) 203-0050 x256 or

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City Council votes today to adopt a Poverty Reduction Strategy

Today City Council votes to adopt a Poverty Reduction Strategy for the City of Toronto. Daily Bread Food Bank supports the strategy as a whole, as it includes strong actions such as increased investment in affordable housing and child care, and progressive policies such as inclusionary zoning, a living wage and a low income transit fare.

Daily Bread Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides food and support to almost 200 food programs and 136 member agencies across Toronto. We ensure that those on low incomes who are struggling with hunger have access to nutritious food through food banks, homeless shelters, community food centres as well as meal programs. We also recognize that hunger is a symptom of poverty and to have any impact on reducing hunger, first we need to reduce poverty.

Poverty reduction strategies accompanied by targets and financial commitments make a difference

Poverty reduction strategies accompanied by targets and financial commitments have been shown to help reduce poverty at the provincial level across the country. Daily Bread’s latest Who’s Hungry report shows that there were nearly 900,000 visits to Toronto food banks in the last year alone, with a 45 per cent increase in the inner suburbs since 2008. Now more than ever, it is essential to implement a poverty reduction plan in the City of Toronto.

Daily Bread agencies are doing their best to fight hunger in wards throughout the city

But we can’t do it alone.

There are many Daily Bread Food Bank member agencies operating in wards throughout the city. The majority of our member agencies run their food programs in local churches and community centres. Dedicated staff and volunteers in these agencies pick up, stock, and distribute food to people in their community in addition to providing other services to support people on low incomes. Daily Bread moves about $22 million worth of food on a budget of about $7 million relying primarily on private donations from individuals and the community. Daily Bread and the food banks we support operate largely outside of government and do not receive government funding.

The attached link provides a ward-by-ward breakdown of food banks operating in each ward, and how many visits were made to food banks in the last year. Some wards do not have Daily Bread member agencies, which require community members in that ward to access a food bank in another ward that is closest to them. As mentioned in our submission during the poverty reduction consultation process, finding adequate space to run programs such as food banks is a significant challenge for service providers such as Daily Bread. It is hoped that the City can play a role in helping service providers such as food banks access spaces required to run a food program that serves the local community.

Help ensure that the Poverty Reduction Strategy is backed by a strong financial commitment

Ensure that your city councillor supports the Poverty Reduction Strategy, which will help to support people living in poverty across the city, as well as the agencies that support them. Also ensure that your city councillor supports a significant financial commitment to the strategy in the upcoming 2016 City budget. A financial commitment to the Poverty Reduction Strategy is an investment in the citizens of Toronto, helping to remove many of the barriers that keep people in poverty.

Click here to see a map of visits to Toronto food banks by ward

Click here view our 2015 report on hunger in Toronto: Who’s Hungry, A Tale of Two Cities




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Who’s Hungry 2015

Today, Daily Bread releases its annual report on hunger. Based on surveys of over  a thousand food bank clients across the city, the Who’s Hungry report looks in to the reasons why people are going to a food bank and, more importantly, what we can do to change things.

Please click here to find out more and download the entire report.

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2013 Annual Survey Volunteers Needed!

Help give back to the community by volunteering with Daily Bread as a survey volunteer!  Volunteers are the foundation of Daily Bread Food Bank, and we cannot do what we do without your help. Becoming a survey volunteer is one way of giving back, and in taking part in the fight against hunger. We can learn much from food bank clients, who have much to offer, if our ears are open.

What: Daily Bread conducts an annual survey of people who rely on food banks. We need volunteers to conduct surveys for two to three hour shifts.
When: February to mid-April, 2013. Hours vary according to your schedule.
Where: In more than 50 food banks across the GTA.
Who: You! If you are over 19 years old and fluent in English. A special need exists for volunteers who speak any additional language.

For more information, download our Recruitment flyer!

To volunteer, contact Susie at 416-203-0050 x287 or


Here’s a five-minute video to sum up some of the findings of the newest report on hunger in the GTA. Helping explain it all is Daily Bread’s executive director Gail Nyberg and two of the volunteers who helped gather over 1700 surveys with food bank clients across the GTA. You’ll also hear from one of our own amazing volunteers at Daily Bread who, after falling ill, found herself coming to a food bank after having to leave the job she’d had for 20 years.

To read up on past survey results and Daily Bread’s other research and policy initiatives, visit the Learning Centre.

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