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Giving Back

By Bill Colbary, Communications Volunteer

Volunteers here usually bounce around from need to need. Filling in where the bodies are most helpful at the time. Carla has managed to showcase her abilities in the kitchen to a point where, she does many things, but one in particular extremely well. Dish washing. For an industrial-sized kitchen, this isn’t tidying up after dinner with the kids. This is a massive amount of cleaning, and it’s a constant tidal wave that rarely subsides until the clock hits 2p .m. Even then, she would stay to help if needed, ‘cause that’s the kind of lady she is.

“I just love it there. I love the staff, the volunteers are great, and they treat me very, very well.”

Her attitude is infectious, a real morale-booster in the kitchen. She’s gifted with a snappy sense of humour that can rock you back on your heals if you’re not careful. I myself often let my guard down, just to see what she’s holding back and there is seemingly no end to the jabs or the positive go get ’em work ethic. The work can be repetitive and when she works her magic, everyone within earshot can’t help but laugh, and find that spring in their step again.

“Every pot, dish, spoon or fork I wash I’m helping someone. Daily Bread was there for me, I’m always there for them. It just makes sense to give back.”

She recounts being approached by visitors at Daily Bread for full-time work –”a good ole’ fashion poaching” as Carla recounts. All offers are promptly turned down. She feels that she already has a full-time job with people that need and respect her. Her family. One obvious difference is that families fight, volunteers rarely do, which bolsters her need to contribute to the cause and help fight hunger

When asked for advice for those of us sitting on the volunteering fence, she said (with a grin): “get up off your duff, and just do it. You won’t regret it. If you do…you’ll have me to answer to.”

What does the future hold for Carla?

“I’m not going anywhere unless they throw me out,” she says with a laugh. I play back the way she laughed about that on my digital recorder sometimes. I like to remember what a real trooper sounds like when they’re having fun.

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