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20 Years of Impact

This year, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Daily Bread are marking 20 years of working together to help Torontonians in need.

“Life circumstances can change without warning, and what Daily Bread does is vital to help people move from tough times into a better future,” says Gaylen Duncan, Country Operating Officer for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Thanks to Bank of America for their dedication, passion and generous support – and for two decades of better futures!

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Top Five Team’s Needed for Daily Bread’s Food Sort Challenge

Daily Bread’s Food Sort Challenge is on November 16th and we’re looking for the best teams to compete. People struggling with hunger across Toronto are relying on you to sort 4,000 lbs of food as fast as possible. There are only a few spots left and Daily Bread needs your help.

Here are the top five teams Daily Bread needs to compete in the Food Sort Challenge:

1) Team Speedy
If you blink, you may miss it – a speedy team will finish the Food Sort Challenge before you know it. Teams will compete to sort the quickest in less than two hours. Keep an eye out, because if you don’t move fast enough, Team Speedy will snatch first place.

2) Team Energy
Your hands may be quick but do you have the endurance? A team with energy will keep their spirits high and their body moving when they are tired. This team can outlast others, making them a formidable opponent.

3) Team Winners
If you think like a winner you are a winner. It’s always important for teams to come in with the right mindset. Believing in yourself will help push your team forward and win the Food Sort Challenge.

4) Team Strategy
Strategic food sorters have the potential to outsmart other teams. Make sure you have a sharp mind because the Food Sort Challenge is more than which team is the fastest. Team strategy will discover the most efficient way to sort food – whether an assembly line or great teamwork.

5) Team Cheaters (just kidding)
All Food Sort Challenge teams are expected to compete fairly, and most importantly, have fun! The Food Sort Challenge and any donations raised will help support 142 member agencies and 200 meal programs across Toronto. Registration fee is $1100 per team. We are also asking all teams to fundraise for an opportunity to get closer to the title. Register now and secure your team before it’s too late!

Does your team have what it takes to come out on top?

Don’t wait – there are limited spots! We are also asking all teams to fundraise for an opportunity to get closer to the title. Register now and secure your team before it’s too late!

Click here to register!

For more information, please contact Dayana at

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Canstruction is building it once again!

giraffe     cans

The 2016 Canstruction Toronto event is gearing up! This is a competition held in Toronto and cities around the world where, each year, teams of designers, architects and engineers donate their time to build sculptures made entirely out of cans of foods. Last year’s Canstruction raised over 70,000 pounds of food. The canned food sculptures will be displayed in downtown Toronto from May 17 to 21 before being taken down and donated to Daily Bread Food Bank.

Still not sure what Canstruction Toronto is all about? Here’s a link to last year’s sculptures:

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