A place to build community. • Daily Bread Food Bank

A place to build community.

Three years ago, Liz Pearce stepped into Daily Bread’s Allen Gardens Food Bank, just a few blocks away from her home. “I was very shy about it –walked past the place a few times,” Liz recalls. While she initially turned to Allen Gardens to help put food on the table, what Liz found was a sense of community

For Liz, unemployment and failing health had not only led to hunger, they had lead to isolation. But today, Allen Gardens is the home away from home that Liz visits weekly – not just as a client, but as an avid volunteer.

“What’s important is the connection I get from other people.It really helps me physically, mentally and emotionally.” Liz, who is 57 years old, says the food bank has given her a sense of purpose. On Thursdays and Fridays she can be found at helping to set up the food bank before doors open. As clients come in, she makes sure those who need food are welcomed, served and get what they need.

As both a food bank client and a volunteer, Liz knows first-hand the apprehension that clients struggle with. “Everyone here will help you – and everyone here will be happy to help you”, she adds. Allen Gardens is more than just a food bank – for Liz, it is a place to build community.

Every donation to Daily Bread Food Bank goes towards helping individuals like Liz, who may have fallen into difficult circumstances and are in dire need. With your support, we can continue to provide nutritious and nourishing meals, as well as a safe space to create a sense of belonging and community. Will you help us