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Surpise Support from Emajjin Children's Foundation

July 15, 2020

For six years, the Emajjin Children’s Foundation has been committed to supporting children who are disabled or disadvantaged.

As a proud Canadian charity, Emajjin Children’s Foundation put aside all of their traditional fundraising efforts including their annual gala for 2020, and channeled all of their resources to support Daily Bread Food Bank and help our neighbours most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Having set out on a goal of raising $20,000 to provide food to our most vulnerable neighbours in need, they were blown away by the support they received.

In five weeks, through the generosity of their supporters and a donation matching program, they surpassed that goal and raised $25,000 to support our ongoing pandemic relief efforts.

“I want to say thank you. It’s been a difficult time for sure. To know there is a community group that says ‘We can do something about this. We can make sure there is enough food for that Mom to be able to make sure she can provide everything she needs to for her children.’ That’s one of those uplifting moments. It wouldn’t be possible without your leadership and I am deeply grateful for it. Again, thank you, on behalf of the clients that we’re serving. You’re making an incredible difference! Now, in the time of such upheaval and discord, it’s really a joy to be able to have these uplifting moments.”
– Neil Hetherington, CEO, Daily Bread Food Bank

Monetary Donations

You can support our ongoing efforts in providing food to those who need it most during this challenging time.


Online Food Donations

Order online from your favourite grocery store and have items delivered directly to our warehouse:
191 New Toronto Street, Toronto, ON, M8V 2E7.

Drop-off Food Donations

You can drop off non-perishable food donations at any fire hall in the city.

Click here for a list of our most needed items.

Online Fundraising

You can run an online fundraiser in support of Daily Bread. It’s easy and you can do it while #stayinghome
Click here to set up your custom donation page.

Questions? Click here for a list of FAQs.

If you need food support, click here.

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