Employee Volunteer Program Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your fee support?

Although volunteer support is crucial for our operations, financial contributions are essential for ensuring we are able to purchase high-priority food items like eggs, produce and dairy. Funding is also needed to ensure that Daily Bread can deliver dignified and innovative food programs and services.

Your financial support helps ensure the continued success of food distribution, connect people with resources and supports other vital initiatives that make Daily Bread’s work sustainable and transformative for our city.


Can I raise funds to cover our team fee?

YES!  When you sign up for a shift, you will be automatically issued an invoice for your shift registration fee. In lieu of making a payment to that invoice, you can choose to raise funds online using a customizable donation page. This donation page will be emailed to you directly after you receive your invoice.

We invite you to consider the donation fee as a minimum contribution.  This can be done easily if you have a corporate matching program at your company, or would consider adding team fundraising to your corporate donation.


Does my volunteer fee have to be paid in advance?

If you are making a corporate donation, you are asked to make payment ten days in advance of your shift. If you are raising funds to cover your participating fee, please reach your minimum donation fee three days in advance of your shift.


What if my company is already a donor?

Corporate partners make our work possible! If your company already supports Daily Bread there are several benefits with your support, including priority access to corporate volunteer days. Please get in touch with Patricia at pfeehely@dailybread.ca to find out details.


What if my company doesn't have a budget for this?

We encourage you to cover the cost by raising funds in the workplace leading up to your day.  Upon registering your shift, you will be automatically set up with a donation page. You can customize it with a photo and personalized message and send it out to your team members to donate and help fundraise through their networks.  We encourage you to make the fundraising a great experience with weekly challenges and competitions!


What if our company did a fundraiser 3 months ago and raised $1,500? Does that count?

Thank you for your incredible support of Daily Bread! The volunteer fee is separate and directly connected to your volunteer shift and experience. Past fundraising activity is not applied here, however, we encourage you to arrange your next fundraiser around a volunteer day. Visiting the warehouse and experiencing first-hand the impact of a drive is a great way to celebrate the impact of your campaign.


Do we still have to donate when it isn’t the holiday season?

Yes. Your volunteer fee will be used to meet the increase in need across Toronto for fresh, nutritious food.  As you can imagine, the need for food doesn’t decrease after the holidays.  People and families in need are turning to food banks and meal programs all year round.


Can we raise food instead of funds?

The volunteer fee is mandatory but we absolutely encourage you to raise additional food or funds prior to your volunteer day. Here is a list of our most needed food items.