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Because hunger doesn't wait for policy change.

Food and Other In-Kind Donations


Approximately 65 per cent of the donated food we distribute to meal programs, neighbourhood food banks, schools and drop-ins comes from our friends in the food industry.

It’s easy to donate food to Daily Bread. We operate a 108,000 square foot warehouse facility with a professional inventory management system and efficient receiving docks. Our fleet of trucks moves your donation quickly to our network of almost 200 food and meal programs across the city.

You are not liable for any risk.
Daily Bread will pick up your donated food. Products are handled, stored and shipped with care to ensure the integrity and safety of the product. Donors are protected by the Good Samaritan Law (An Act Respecting the Donation of Food, Ontario 1994) by which donors who give food in good faith are absolved from any liability. Donors may also be assured that donated product will not be sold, bartered or traded, and only distributed to people in need.

At Daily Bread, we understand that less money spent on administration and operating costs is more time and resources invested in helping people who need it most.

If you are interested in making an industry/bulk food donation, please contact Heather Madden, Food Services Coordinator at