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Because hunger doesn't wait for policy change.

Partner with Daily Bread


 Would you like to raise funds or food to benefit Daily Bread Food Bank?

That’s great – THANK YOU! By supporting our cause, you’re supporting your community. Please read our guidelines before you start.


Individuals or Community/Workplace Groups

If you are collecting donations of food or money from your neighbours, friends or colleagues, then you’re organizing a third-party fundraising event or food drive. Or perhaps you’re selling tickets to a party and donating the proceeds to Daily Bread. You might be asking your friends and colleagues – even the company you work for – to make donations online to support your team or event. To register and set up your very own fundraising page – click here.

Companies and Businesses

If you represent a for-profit company that intends to raise funds for Daily Bread by running a promotion and donating a percent of proceeds, or otherwise promoting your support as part of your business strategy, this too is a third-party or independent fundraising event, drive or campaign. But, because you will be associating your company with the Daily Bread “brand” – our name, perhaps our logo, and our reputation – we require that you complete our application form at least ten (10) days before you start. We want to ensure that the benefit to Daily Bread is clearly communicated, that your promotion is aligned with our mission and values, and that any descriptions of our cause, work and organization is accurately described.

Whether you’re a community group, a workplace team, or a company with a great idea for raising funds for our cause, the guidelines for third-party fundraising below are for you. Please read them to learn how we can (or can’t) support your independent event, and your responsibilities for complying with our policies and Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.


If you’d like us to get the word out about your event or promotion through social media or other channels, or if you’ll need volunteer help, then you’ll need to talk to us about a partnership agreement.

Cause marketing partnership
A cause marketing partnership between your company and Daily Bread engages your customers or clients in a cause you believe in and support, while increasing your sales, market share, customer loyalty and reputation. Daily Bread will work with you to create a campaign, event or relationship in accordance with your company’s strategic objectives, values and vision. To discuss a cause marketing partnership, please contact Pam Bastedo, Manager, Corporate Partnerships at or 416-203-0050 x 310.

Event partnership
Is your success almost too much of a good thing? We get it. We might have a big brand, but we have a small back office. That’s why we love our independent fundraisers! But, sometimes their success is almost too much of a good thing. If your event has a proven track record of raising more than $10,000 (or equivalent in-kind) then we might take you on as an event partner and help you with publicity, registration or other support – subject to our event schedule and available resources. To discuss, please contact Dayana Gomez, Manager, Community Partnerships & Special Events at or 416-203-0050 x 241.

How we can help:
• List your event on our calendar at
• Provide a quote from executive director Gail Nyberg for your communications.
• Provide an official letter to confirm that you are raising funds for Daily Bread.
• Provide facts about the impact of your support.
• Provide food collection bins and food pick-ups, subject to minimum food donation amounts and drivers’ schedules.
• Provide tax receipts for eligible donations to your event, drive or campaign.
• Provide official acknowledgement letters to your supporters, subject to you providing names and addresses.

• We cannot guarantee that a representative of Daily Bread will be available to attend your event, particularly if your event is during one of our seasonal food drive periods. If, however, you would like a photo opportunity we would be pleased to arrange this at our Etobicoke location for a food drop-off or cheque presentation.
• We generally do not provide tax receipts for in-kind (food) donations. If you have a special circumstance and can provide third-party appraisal, please call us to discuss.
• We reserve recruitment of volunteers and “bandwidth” on our website and other digital platforms for our partner events.
• We will not share our donor or other mailing lists or send mail or email to our supporters on behalf of third party fundraisers.
• We will not be responsible for any expenses or debts incurred by a third-party fundraiser.