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Because hunger doesn't wait for policy change.

Community Based Research

Community based research begins with the principle that research must be action-oriented. It must be able to make change. Community based research must also be about participation. For Daily Bread Food Bank, that means that people who access food banks must be able to participate fully in the research, not as subjects to be studied, but as partners helping to define the questions we ask and how we ask them. The research produced may not take the form many people are used to, such as academic reports. It can come in the form of art, storytelling, theatre or in other ways that allow people to convey their experience and empower them to tell their stories.

Community Based Initiatives

People’s Blueprint: Real Voices for Real Change
Daily Bread Food Bank and Voices from the Street seeks to make a unique contribution to the debate about income security reform that can generate innovative new ideas for change. Using a Participatory Action Research model, the People’s Blueprint project engaged 18 Community Researchers from Ontario who developed a blueprint for how OW/ ODSP must change. The Community Researchers trained and conducted peer research in their home communities and developed new ideas and strategies that can decrease barriers and increase opportunities and pathways out of poverty for those currently mired in the social assistance system.

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Community Based Research Links

Centre for Community Based Research
A non-profit organization that provides services and resources that facilitate community based social research.

Community Based Research Canada
A network organized to promote community based research.

Community Based Research Network of Ottawa
Ottawa based network created to build capacity of community based organizations to conduct research. Provides links to various research and evaluation tools.

The Community Tool Box
A toolkit for community members provided by the Work Group for Community Health and Development based in the University of Kansas.

Wellesley Institute
Toronto based research and policy institute promoting community based solutions in order to improve urban health. Provides workshops and resources, including how to use community based research to influence public policy, and a snapshot of Community Based Research in Canada.