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Because hunger doesn't wait for policy change.

People’s Blueprint


The People’s Blueprint is a unique and empowered group of men and women with lived experience of poverty and all it brings with it; isolation, depression, constant anxiety and pressure, they have known it all. As a group they learned leadership and peer research skills and conducted over 100 video recorded research interviews that demonstrate the hopes, challenges, and abilities of people living on social assistance in an intensely personal way. Problems with the social assistance system as identified by people experiencing it, as well as areas in which reform should take place are presented. The goal of this project is to change social assistance in Ontario for the better.

The People’s Blueprint panel was composed of 18 members from across Ontario who provided input into Ontario’s Social Assistance Review, working with Voices from the Street and Daily Bread Food Bank to record, analyze and summarize the policy barriers which currently impede them.

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The People’s Review Panel: Getting the Ontario Social Assistance Review issues straight… from people with lived experiences of poverty is a great summary on the work that has been done, written by Anne Makhoul (Caledon Institute of Social Policy) and Richard Matern (Senior Manager, Public Affairs at Daily Bread Food Bank).

The Peoples’ Blueprint was generously funded by the Atkinson and Metcalf Charitable Foundations.