Application Form for Promotional Campaigns and Events

Would you like to raise funds or food to benefit Daily Bread Food Bank?

That’s great – THANK YOU! By supporting our cause, you’re supporting your community. Please take a moment to provide a bit more information for us so we can follow-up with you to ensure that your promotion is aligned with our mission and values, and that any descriptions of our cause, work and organization is accurately described.

Street Address
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By submitting your application you are agreeing to the following:

1. Trademarks. Our name and our logo are, well, ours. Permission is required for any public association with our name or our logo; without permission, use is prohibited. When you register your event online or complete this application form for a company promotion, you’ll be agreeing to our conditions for use of our name and logo. Once we approve your promotion/event we will send you our “in support of” logo with specific details outlining usage and brand guidelines.
2. Our cause. We want all of your supporters to understand our cause, how we work, and how to reach us for more information. At your event or in your promotional materials, our contact information such as our website must be made available.
3. Promoting your event, drive or campaign. To be successful, you’ll need a promotion or marketing strategy. How are you going to get the word out to people who will support you? We’ll help where we can, but please remember that as a charity our goal is to put as much of our own resources to ensuring people don’t go hungry. As an independent fundraiser, you agree that promoting your event or campaign is your responsibility.
4. Liability and Insurance. You are the event or campaign organizer. Daily Bread is the beneficiary. That means that you assume responsibility for the costs of this event, and any permits, insurance that may be required. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Daily Bread from any losses, claims or injuries arising from your event.
5. Transparency. You agree to be clear in all of your communications such as your packaging, advertising or promotional materials:
a. That Daily Bread is the beneficiary, not the organizer, of your event or promotion;
b. The amount of the benefit to Daily Bread (e.g. $1 of every package sold, or 10% of proceeds after costs).
You agree to submit your wording to Daily Bread for advance approval. If the benefit to Daily Bread isn’t aligned with your promotional value, we may ask you to make adjustments before proceeding. You also agree that Daily Bread may disclose the benefits to interested third parties.
6. Remittance and Reporting. You will forward the Proceeds and official accounting documentation to Daily Bread within thirty (30) days after the end of the Promotion. If the promotion is on-going, you agree to remit proceeds on a monthly basis thereafter.