Ways to Give Donor Newsletter-Carlo

He Found So Much More

Carlo’s life seemed to be in a positive, comfortable place. He was running a thriving business and also had a career as a teacher. The English literature major traveled extensively. Carlo, now a senior, never imagined that he would struggle to put food on his table.

His life hit some unexpected twists and turns. Carlo was in a serious car accident that left him in a coma. After a long recovery process, he wasn’t able to go back to work. He was jobless and unsure how he would make ends meet.

“I went through some hardships…I came back and had to start anew,” Carlo shared. “Once I started talking with people, they said, ‘why don’t you go to the food bank?”

He moved back to Toronto four years ago, but trying to make ends meet while living on a disability pension proved to be nearly impossible. He couldn’t afford the fresh food he needed to stay healthy. That’s when it became clear to Carlo that he needed help and he followed the advice of his friends to go to the food bank.

Carlo thought he was simply going to receive food when he needed it. But he found so much more. Now, Carlo volunteers three days a week. He started as a volunteer in the warehouse, and now works on the sorting floor.

He said being a part of helping hungry neighbours in Toronto is his way of showing gratitude for all the care and support he’s received.

“Believe it or not, this has become my social life,” he says. “We’re not meant to live in skyscrapers where everyone minds their business. It should be a community.”

Through your generosity and the supportive community at the food bank, Carlo has been able to make ends meet each month and maintain a healthier diet.

Thank you for all you make possible!