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Fighting Hunger From The Ground Up

At Daily Bread Food Bank, we know we can’t just feed someone and send them on their way. Individuals and families are often facing complex barriers that lead to them being short on money and food in the first place.

That’s where Brianna Greaves comes in. Over the last five years, she has helped people get food to feed their families and secure stable housing. She has helped countless people prepare their resumes. If they need new eyeglasses or need dental work done, she knows who to call.


That’s why Brianna will tell you, “There isn’t a typical day here, really” when she’s at work as our Information and Referral Services Coordinator. “The food bank is the perfect opportunity to reach people who are needing support,” she says. “It’s often the first place they go, because food is a basic human need. After their first visit, people know they can get support from Information and Referral Services if they need to.”

Our Information and Referral Services department is largely run by volunteers who are trained to point people in the right direction to community or government services that can help them, such as securing stable housing or navigating the application for ODSP benefits.

“I ride my bike home from work, and I saw someone we supported with various issues over a 6-month period of time,” Brianna says. “I saw him on his scooter and stopped to say hi. I found out he is doing really well these days, and at one point in our conversation he looked me in the eye and said, ‘Daily Bread’s Information and Referral Services saved my life.'”