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Surge in Scarborough

Poverty continues to move away
from the city core

As housing costs in Toronto continue to rise, the city core has become increasingly unaffordable.

For many people, Scarborough has become the last option for affordable housing in the city. But as people move to the inner suburbs, it often means community programs become less accessible.

“I’ve had to move from the middle of the city to the east end where things are farther apart, and now I need money for transportation costs,” reports one food bank client.

Not surprisingly, Scarborough is experiencing the biggest increase in the number of food bank visits compared to other regions in Toronto, even with the opening of two new food banks. Last year alone, the region saw a 30 percent spike.

That’s why Daily Bread has targeted 20 priority neighbourhoods across Toronto—half of them in Scarborough—to get a 20 percent increase in food distributed to the Daily Bread agencies that serve these neighbourhoods.

To help reach our 20/20 vision, a new food bank will soon open in northwest Scarborough and an exciting mobile produce market pilot program is underway.

Starting in July, Daily Bread trucks hit the road once a week throughout the summer to set up mobile produce markets at five Toronto Community Housing buildings in Scarborough. Residents can access fresh Ontario-grown fruits and vegetables at no cost, courtesy of Daily Bread’s farm partners.

As a supporter of Daily Bread, your role in serving these communities cannot be understated. Your donations help support innovative pilot projects like our mobile produce markets that increase support to communities that are in acute need. Thank you for being a champion for your city!