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If you are living in the GTA and are in need of food for yourself and/or your family, please call 416-203-0050 or email and we will refer you to a neighbourhood food bank in your area.

We are available by phone from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. If you need food today, and your food bank is closed, we will try to provide an alternative food bank or meal program you can access.

After hours and on weekends and holidays, you can also call 211 to find out information about where to access food.  You can also look for your closest meal program or food bank by clicking here to go to 211 Ontario.

When you visit a food bank for the first time:

  • Please bring identification for everyone in your household if available.
  • You will be asked to share information about your situation including income, housing status, education etc. This information confidential, and is used by Daily Bread to better understand the picture of poverty in the GTA, and to advocate on behalf of Food Bank clients to the various levels of government. This information is not shared with other organizations outside of Daily Bread’s network or with the government.
  • If you have already registered at a Daily Bread Food Bank Member Agency, your file will already be complete. Please be prepared to provide your date of birth or client ID number when you visit a different location other than the one you registered.

You do not have to provide requested information in order to access food and you will not be turned away if you do not.

If you live outside of the service area of the food bank you are visiting, you may be given a referral to the food bank that serves where you live.

What to expect when visiting a food bank:
The majority of our member food banks are located in local churches and community centres. They are run by dedicated staff and volunteers who pick up food, stock shelves and support clients by distributing food. Daily Bread provides training to all of our member agencies in fairly and equitably distributing food. We recognize that if you are accessing a food bank, you are likely experiencing challenges in your life and we encourage all of our member food banks to create an empowering environment for those who access food. In order to make your experience positive, Daily Bread’s member agencies’ staff and volunteers create an environment of mutual respect and caring for all food bank clients..

What you will receive:
Daily Bread member agency food banks provide a 2-3 -day supply of food, based on the number of people in your family. We try to offer choice in the food that is provided based on Canada’s Food Guide. Daily Bread strives to provide healthy and nutritious food, as well as a variety of choices. However, choice is sometimes limited based on demand and what donations we have received.

Additional Needs
Living on a low-income often has challenges in addition to food, and talking to staff and volunteers about your current situation gives us the opportunity to offer additional support and resources. Many of our member agency food banks also provide information and referral to community resources. Please visit the Information & Referral Centre at Daily Bread for more information.