What is the Who’s Hungry report?

Daily Bread Food Bank and North York Harvest have released the annual Who’s Hungry report, a profile of food insecurity in the City of Toronto. The report illustrates the deep strain faced by food banks and those accessing them.

Over the past twelve months, there have been 1.99 million visits to food banks, and demand is projected to push that number to over two million for the 2022 calendar year.

Month after month, food banks are seeing the impact of insufficient incomes, combined with inflation and rising costs of living, lead to record-breaking numbers. The need is at crisis levels with no signs of slowing down. Food banks are seeing more new clients each month, and those visiting are experiencing severe levels of food insecurity.

Food insecurity is caused by poverty. While food banks play a vital role in the lives of thousands of Torontonians, they cannot reduce poverty.

We need bold, systemic changes, which require governments at all levels to act.

Who’s Hungry Video 2022

Key Findings

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