Vision, Mission & Goals

Our vision is to end hunger in our city.

Our mission is to collaborate with all to eliminate food insecurity, and advocate for solutions to end poverty.

Our Values

Rights Based

We believe that food is a human right.


We embrace diversity of thought and actions and prioritize the voices of those affected by poverty.


We continuously pursue new and refined solutions to serve the needs of our communities.

Evidence Based

Our actions are informed by evidence and form impactful solutions.


Commitments we make are commitments we keep.

Our Priorities

Facilitate Food Access

Execute best in class collection and distribution of quality food through member agencies.

Activate Our City

Provide inspiring opportunities for everyone to participate in our mission through giving, volunteering and advocating.


Mobilize communities to advocate for system changes that will positively impact those experiencing poverty.

Our 2024 Strategic Goals


By 2024, all clients will have access to 3 days of food per weekly visit (up from 2.7), based on redesigned offerings that are guided by client preferences and feature fresh, nutritious food.


Daily Bread will harness the collective power of our community to create a city where each and every person can afford the food they need.


By 2024, Daily Bread will improve the client, agency, and employee experience, and generate business intelligence by modernizing the supply chain from food forecasting to client delivery.


Daily Bread will enable the resiliency and growth of our network with targeted investments around capacity, service supports, and partnerships.


Daily Bread will be the place that passionate, diverse, and values-driven people join, and stay, to enact change.


By 2024, Daily Bread will activate donors, corporations, fundraising events, and volunteers to raise $20M annually and enough food donations to meet our annual food goals.