Research and Advocacy Advocacy

We advocate for solutions to end poverty and food insecurity.

By leveraging research and working closely with stakeholders across the sector, Daily Bread works to advance meaningful policy change to end hunger in our city.

Advocacy Guiding Principles

  • Non-partisan: We work with all official political parties to accomplish our shared goal of ending poverty and food insecurity.
  • Rights-based: We believe food is a human right and we advocate to ensure this right is realized.
  • Grounded in research and lived experience: Our advocacy is informed by research evidence and by the voices of people experiencing poverty and food insecurity.
  • Connective: We seek to build relationships and act as a bridge between stakeholders.
  • Focused and intentional: We focus on maximizing impact for food bank clients and creating systemic change.
  • Accountable: Our advocacy holds both government and ourselves accountable to clients, member agencies, donors, volunteers, and the public.

Advocacy Areas of Focus