We advocate for solutions to end poverty and food insecurity.

By leveraging research and working closely with stakeholders across the sector, Daily Bread works to advance meaningful policy change to end hunger in our city.

Advocacy Guiding Principles


We work with all official political parties to accomplish our shared goal of ending poverty and food insecurity.


We believe food is a human right and we advocate to ensure this right is realized.

Grounded in research and lived experience

Our advocacy is informed by research evidence and by the voices of people experiencing poverty and food insecurity.


We seek to build relationships and act as a bridge between stakeholders.

Focused and intentional

We focus on maximizing impact for food bank clients and creating systemic change.


Our advocacy holds both government and ourselves accountable to clients, member agencies, donors, volunteers, and the public.

Areas of Focus

Income Supports

Food insecurity is a symptom of poverty. The majority of food bank clients rely on fixed incomes, primarily from social assistance. Ontario’s two social assistance programs, Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), leave people living in deep poverty. Research evidence shows that income support programs, like the Canada Child Benefit and senior’s benefits have reduced the severity of food insecurity in Canada for these groups. Our advocacy focuses on closing the gaps in our social safety net so that every person living in Canada has sufficient income to afford their basic needs and realize their right to food.

Affordable Housing

Lack of affordable housing is a driver of both poverty and food insecurity. The majority of food bank clients in Toronto are paying more than half of their income on housing, putting them at high risk of homelessness. Daily Bread advocates to increase supply of affordable rental housing, expand the reach of portable housing benefits, and enhance renter supports to achieve the right to food and housing for all.

Decent Work

While some people say the best pathway out of poverty is a job, the reality is that one in three food bank clients in Toronto have employment as their primary income source. Most of these individuals are working on precarious jobs with low wages and little to no benefits. Daily Bread advocates for a livable wage, paid sick days, portable employment benefits, and protections for low-income workers.

Policy Submissions

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