Donors and Partners

Read our donor stories and join us in building a brighter future and empowering our community through collective action.

Sunpan Modern Home
Sunpan Modern Home has been a loyal supporter of Daily Bread for more than a decade, and it all began when Sundeep Bagga, Sunpan’s President, made a promise to carry on his family tradition.
“This really started with my father – he made me promise that when I took over the company I would continue donating if the company could afford it,” he said. “So far so good. It’s a great cause, especially because it is benefiting people here locally. Sunpan comes from very, very humble beginnings and part of our success as a company has been in paying things forward.”
Committed to giving back to the community and our neighbours who need it most, Sunpan has helped provide 200,000 meals to individuals and families living in poverty in Toronto – what an incredible impact!
Bank of America Merril Lynch
This year Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Daily Bread are marking 20 years of working together to help Torontonians in need.
“Addressing issues such as basic needs and hunger is fundamentally important in our communities, which is why partnering with Daily Bread was the natural choice for us,” shares Gaylen Duncan, Country Operating Ocer (Canada) of BAML. “Life circumstances can change without warning, and what Daily Bread does is vital to help people move from tough times into a better future.”
Over two decades, BAML have generously supported Daily Bread through their foundation – providing over 300,000 meals in the process – and have committed to giving time as regular volunteers in our warehouse facility, including every American Thanksgiving.
“This tradition has become one of our favourite times of the year here at Daily Bread,” says Pam Bastedo, Manager of Corporate Partnerships. “We know we can always count on their help and their high level of energy and enthusiasm. They are exceptional partners.”
Chary Produce
The Chary family moved from the Ukraine in 1912 and began farming in the 1930s, growing everything from apples to zucchini on their farm in Oakland Ontario. Decades later, in the late 1980s, Chary Produce was founded and has been steadily expanding over the years.
Since connecting with Daily Bread’s Farm to Food Bank program in 2017, Chary Produce have donated over 20,000 pounds of produce, feeling grateful for the opportunity to provide fresh food to people in need.
“I was very excited to learn about the Farm to Food Bank program with Daily Bread. The idea of supplying fresh produce to an organization known for helping so many people, while also fostering a closer connection between city and country to show the bounty available right here in our own backyard is so satisfying,” shares Miriam Worley of Chary Produce. “We look forward to growing this partnership.”
Dominion Farm Produce
Dominion Farm Produce, one of Daily Bread’s largest produce donors, has been supporting the food bank – and the thousands of people who depend on it – for more than a decade. Each week they deliver ‘seconds’ of carrots, onions, parsnips and beets – perfectly healthy produce that can’t be sold because it doesn’t qualify as Canada No. 1 grade. And since partnering with Daily Bread, Dominion Farm Produce has donated more than 2 million pounds of fresh, nutritious produce – and counting.
Tony Tomizza runs the family farm – a second-generation farmer who took over for Nino, his father, when he retired in 2006. Tony is happy to carry on the tradition set by his father of giving back to the community.
“Donating seconds is better than composting un-sellable, but perfectly edible produce,’’ says Tony. “It’s a win-win partnership.”
Each week Daily Bread can to depend on Dominion Farms for regular donations, allowing people across the city to access fresh produce at their neighbourhood food bank and meal program.
Lawrence Schafer
Remembering Lawrence Schafer (1940–2018)
Daily Bread recognizes the lasting legacy of Lawrence Schafer, a committed supporter for over 20 years.
Lawrence had a long career in the arts, creating stage designs for regional Canadian theatres and teaching Art History at the University of Toronto for 11 years. Believing it was important to give back to the community, he formed the Lawrence Schafer Foundation.
“He had a very big heart and cared about those less fortunate,” shares his family, “he shared his love of life with everyone near him.”
At Daily Bread, we are incredibly grateful for Lawrence’s commitment to making Toronto a better place for everyone.
The Pace Family Foundation
Al Pace and his family have been proud supporters of Daily Bread for more than 10 years.
For Al, supporting those in need in his community is simply the right thing to do.
“We connected with Daily Bread because it is possibly the most direct and tangible way to support those in need in our community,” Al shares, “a lot of these folks have no alternatives and without the food bank they would go hungry which is not acceptable in our society. We can and should be sure that people do not go hungry so they can live to their potential and be happy in their lives.”
The Pace Family Foundation was founded in 2007 and has been involved in a number of projects related to poverty, education and health in Canada and in parts of Africa.
Daily Bread is grateful for the Pace Family Foundation’s committed support in alleviating hunger in Toronto.
Cancer Care Ontario
Joining Daily Bread as a community partner in 2016, Cancer Care Ontario employees have gone above and beyond in their efforts to ensure thousands of people in Toronto can continue to rely on their neighbourhood food program.
Throughout the year, hundreds of employees volunteer their time and raise food and funds, rolling up their sleeves to sort food, collecting donations at subway stations or hosting an online charity auction fundraising event.
By mobilizing their staff through the CCO Cares initiative, Cancer Care Ontario has raised more than $40,000 and 3,000 pounds to date.
“CCO employees have embraced a giving culture,” says Chris Mulford of Cancer Care Ontario, “we are proud to work with Daily Bread and truly value our partnership with them.”
Procyk Farms
Procyk Farms is a 4th-generation farming operation growing fresh produce for over 70 years.
Rooted in the Procyk family’s belief that access to food is a human right, they became involved with Daily Bread’s Farm-to-Food Bank program and were excited by the opportunity to supply fresh, nutritious food to food-insecure communities.
“The Procyk Family has been incredibly generous to us,” adds Sarah Smith, Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Food Procurement at Daily Bread. “They deeply care about those affected by hunger.”
The Wilsonville farm began their partnership with Daily Bread in 2017 and since then has donated over 100,000 pounds of fresh peppers, zucchini, cabbage, squash and tomatoes.
“No one should have to worry about when their next meal is going to be,” shares the family. “By donating fresh produce to Daily Bread, healthier food becomes available to more people in more communities.”