About Best in Class Awards

The Best in Class Awards, presented by Daily Bread Food Bank, recognize individuals and organizations who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to alleviating hunger and poverty in Toronto through raising awareness, corporate social responsibility, fundraising and charitable giving.

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2021 Best in Class Awards and congratulations to all of the winners!

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Profound Community Impact

Recognizing a self-organized or peer-led food program rooted in the community they serve, who deeply understands the needs of clients based on their own lived experiences. The recipient of the Profound Community Impact award has shown great courage and resourcefulness to overcome their own barriers, and run a welcoming and equitable food program supported by the community.

2021 Nominees:

  • Garth Soso (Soso World Ministries)
  • Manjura Rehman (CSAGSS)
  • Amos Sarwan (Grace Place)

Outstanding Philanthropist

Recognizing an individual, family or family foundation who has demonstrated strong commitment to supporting our vision to end hunger in Toronto through generous community activity, especially monetary contributions.

2021 Nominees:

  • Sabina Vohra-Miller
  • The Slaight Family Foundation
  • Marty Cutler & Family

Corporate Leader

Recognizing a company or its corporate foundation who has demonstrated leadership in improving communities through its corporate social responsibility efforts. The Corporate Leader fights hunger and poverty in Toronto through charitable donations and employee volunteering, promoting awareness and philanthropy within the workplace and marketplace.

2021 Nominees:

  • Times Group
  • Greenrock Property Management Ltd
  • Tribute Communities

Workplace Champion

Recognizing an employee group who has raised awareness of poverty issues by creating and organizing a workplace fundraiser, event, or campaign. The Workplace Champion mobilizes support and engagement from their employee base through innovative and impactful workplace initiatives, which result in a wider network of people committed to social change.

2021 Nominees:

  • Ontario Public Service
  • Blakes Law Firm Challenge
  • Credit Suisse

Exceptional Volunteer

Recognizing an individual or group who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to fighting hunger and poverty in Toronto through volunteerism. The Exceptional Volunteer has made a significant impact by contributing extensive time, valuable skills and expertise.

2021 Nominees:

  • Whystil Wickham
  • Gloria McPherson
  • Sarah Oakley

Food Industry Trailblazer

Recognizing a local farm or company from the food industry sector who has made outstanding contributions of most-needed fresh or non-perishable food items to food programs. The Food Industry Trailblazer regularly invests in healthier communities, donating essential food items to our neighbours in need.

2021 Nominees:

  • HelloFresh
  • Campbell’s Canada
  • Griffith Foods

Visionary Food Program

Recognizing a community food agency in Toronto that has made significant efforts to improve the lives of people accessing food programs. The Visionary Drop-In Program embodies inclusivity and creates a welcoming, supportive environment for clients. Their volunteer cohort reflects the community that they serve

2021 Nominees:

  • Second Chance
  • The Redeemer
  • Christ Church St. James Food Pantry

Community Leader

Recognizing an individual or group who has raised awareness of poverty issues by creating and organizing a community fundraiser, event, or campaign. The Community Leader mobilizes support and engagement in poverty reduction and shows leadership in the community, creating a network of advocates and supporters for the cause.

2021 Nominees:

  • Geoff Burke
  • Jordan Mlynek
  • Ryan Abreo

Harvest Hero

Recognizing a local farm who has made significant contributions to alleviating hunger by sharing their fresh locally grown food with those in need. The Harvest Hero makes an extensive effort to reduce waste by redirecting surplus produce to local communities and food relief in the GTA.

2021 Nominees:

  • Boots Family Farm
  • Topline-Westmoreland
  • Chary Produce

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend the 2021 Best in Class Awards?

Our 2021 Best in Class Awards will be virtual this year!

To RSVP and join us on Tuesday, June 15 from 6-8pm click below.

Who is eligible for a Best in Class Award?

Individuals and organizations who demonstrate commitment to hunger and poverty alleviation in Toronto through raising awareness, volunteering, fundraising and charitable giving are eligible for a Best in Class Award. Please review the award categories and criteria above before placing your nomination.

Can I nominate an individual or organization in more than one award category?

Yes. If you would like to nominate an individual or organization for more than one category, please submit an additional online form.

Can I submit a nomination for myself or my workplace?

Anyone may submit a nomination, including for yourself or your own organization.

How will award recipients be decided?

All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee, comprised of employees and volunteers of Daily Bread Food Bank, and weighed against nomination criteria. Award recipients will be announced at the Best in Class Awards presentation on June 15, 2021.

Can I mail in my nomination?

All nominations must be submitted through the online form.

What if someone or an organization I’m nominating has won before?

We are always thrilled to see individuals or organizations thriving and growing. To that end, a past winner is eligible to apply for any of the categories above again. 


Questions? Please contact Sacha Michna, Senior Manager, Community Partnerships and Events at smichna@dailybread.ca