Nov 17, 2023

A new life for Iryna and her family

When the war in Ukraine started, Iryna and her husband never thought they would be forced to leave their home. But as the war escalated and became even more dangerous, they realized they had no other choice. Seeking refuge in Canada was better than trying to raise their daughter in a war-torn country. 

​But moving to Canada presented them with a new set of challenges.  

​They would have to rebuild their lives in a new country, without family, friends, or much support. With only her husband working, as Iryna learns English in a bridging program for immigrants, they quickly found that one salary was not enough to afford their basic necessities.  

​That’s when they learned about Daily Bread Food Bank. Support from the food bank, and kind donors, has meant that Iryna and her husband can cover the cost of rent while still ensuring their daughter has healthy food to eat. 

​“When we first went to a grocery store in Canada, I looked at the prices with my husband and we thought that we will never be able to buy anything here. Food is so expensive,” Iryna says. And they are not alone. 

​In fact, this holiday season, the ever-rising cost of food and other essentials will make it almost impossible for many families like Iryna’s to put food on the table. Right now, at the food bank, we are serving 12,000 new clients each month. That’s six times more than before the pandemic. 

​The need is greater than ever, and we can’t meet it without your help, click here to donate today.

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