Apr 14, 2020

AMJ Campbell: Making Moves to Help Those in Need

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Toronto, Daily Bread Food Bank has been faced with the challenge of sustaining uninterrupted service to our agency partners, during a time of constant change.

Thankfully, AMJ Campbell stepped up to support our bin pick-up across the city to ensure that all of the generous food donations from our communities made their way back to our warehouse!

“AMJ has always been a supporter of our local communities, we help where we can,” shared Pierre Frappier, President, AMJ Campbell. “In this unprecedented time, we are honoured to be assisting Daily Bread Food Bank with their food donation pick ups.”

In the first two weeks alone, AMJ drivers picked-up over 27,000 lbs of food donations from 130+ locations across Toronto. Their support as an extension of our logistics team is invaluable and so greatly appreciated.

This partnership is a wonderful example of a company leveraging their infrastructure, resources and the passion of its employees to provide an immeasurable benefit to a non-profit partner – and the community as a whole.

On behalf of everyone at Daily Bread Food Bank – and the tens of thousands of neighbours in need who rely on us as a lifeline – thank you AMJ Campbell!

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