Feb 8, 2023

Art and Advocacy Mix at “Micro Meets Macro” Gardiner Museum Event

What an inspiring night! On February 1, Daily Bread Food Bank had the honour of co-hosting “Micro Meets Macro: Taking Action on Food Insecurity and Housing Instability” at the Gardiner Museum.  

This unique event paired Karine Giboulo’s impactful “Housewarming” art exhibit with interactive stations helmed by us, YWCA Toronto and Toronto Foundation. 

Photos by Henry Chan

The exhibit — composed of 500+ handcrafted polymer-clay figurines — is a collection of instantly relatable pandemic snapshots, all within a replica of the artist’s own home. Food bank lines grow on her counter, while wealthy households’ groceries go to waste in her fridge. Elderly relatives see visitors from behind glass windows. Amazon packages arrive at the front door, the factory workers who made same-day delivery possible forgotten inside. 

Outside of the exhibit, event-goers discussed the macro topics explored on this micro level: hunger, poverty, social isolation, precarious work. They listened to episodes of our podcast, The 2030 Project: Ending Poverty in Canada; dug their hands into clay of their own; and asked questions of the artist herself. 
Thank you so much to everyone who attended! And huge thanks to artist Karine Giboulo, as well as our event co-hosts and partners: the Gardiner Museum, YWCA Toronto and Toronto Foundation.  

If you weren’t able to make it, we encourage you to see “Housewarming” if you haven’t yet. It’s showing at the Gardiner Museum through May 7. 

For a full gallery of the highlights, please check out our Facebook album for this event

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