Apr 6, 2023

Want to Host a Fundraiser or Food Drive This Spring? Here’s How

Looking to have a deep impact on food insecurity in your neighbourhood? Sign up to host a fundraiser or food drive as a Community Champion this spring, and you can make an immediate difference on your own schedule.

What is a Community Champion?

A Community Champion runs a food drive or fundraiser for Daily Bread in their neighbourhood, friend circle, congregation, workplace, or other community group. They share our belief that food is a human right, and no one should face barriers in accessing the food they need. “The first time we collected donations on our street we were fairly new to our neighbourhood,” said Katherine, a Community Champion in the Junction area. “Seeing the bag filled with food waiting on neighbours’ doorsteps brought a great feeling, knowing that they recognized the need for food equity. We felt more connected to our new community seeing that.”

How does it work?

As a Community Champion, you first register your fundraiser or food drive with us online so we can reach out with additional resources to help.

We try to make it as easy as possible to run a drive, with downloadable resources like a print-ready list of our most-needed items and an information-packed toolkit with instructions and fun fundraising and food drive inspiration. You can even create your own easily shareable fundraising page to track donations and engage your supporters.

How long you run your drive is entirely up to you, whether it’s a one-day event (like asking for donations instead of presents at a birthday party) or a weekslong campaign. Just remember that no donation is too small: For every $1 or pound of food we receive, we’re able to get about one meal out into the community.

Why do you need my help now?

With sharp increases in inflation driving food bank visits to unprecedented levels, we must rely more now than ever on our local community members, like you, for support. Before the pandemic, Daily Bread food banks saw about 60,000-70,000 client visits each month. We now see about quadruple that, with a record high of nearly 270,000 client visits in March 2023. By becoming a Community Champion, you can help ensure we can continue meeting the emergency food needs of those clients year-round.

Watch Community Champion Stephanie in this video as she shares what it’s like to be a food raiser for Daily Bread:

Ready to start? Visit www.dailybread.ca/ways-to-give/community-champion to find out how you can help raise much needed food and funds to fight food insecurity in our city. Thank you for your leadership and support!

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