Sep 9, 2021

Community Champion brings her Junction neighbours together to fight hunger

With a background in food rescue and a passion for fighting hunger, Community Champion, Mahima, enjoys organizing Daily Bread donations and food drives with the Junction Residents Association 

Says Mahima, “I work in healthcare, and I see the importance of food security in healthcare outcomes, so I believe that food is a right for everyone. Whatever we can do to make food more available, we should be doing it.”  

A lot of work goes into organizing a food drive, but Mahima’s commitment to helping out her community keeps her motivated.  

She is responsible for helping to get the word out about food donations and drives and coordinating logistics for picking up and dropping off food. But it’s really the spirit of everyone pitching in to help others than she enjoys most: “I have a young son and a husband, and this is a nice family activity for us to do from a community perspective. 

As a member of the Junction Residents Association, she is proud of her neighbourhood and loves the tree-lined streets and the beautiful home but is also aware that there are a lot of people in her neighbourhood who need daily assistance with food.  

She encourages others to get involved with the fight to end hunger, saying: “Volunteering is something everyone can do. It’s very accessible. You can volunteer in small ways. You can volunteer your time or donate resources. Anything makes a difference. And there’s an opportunity to learn things about the organization you’re collecting food for and the people in your community. So, get involved. We can build better communities that way.” 

We are so inspired by Mahima and incredibly grateful for all her work to fight food insecurity in the city and help create stronger, more resilient communities. 

Visit Become a Community Champion to learn more. 

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