Mar 1, 2024

Compassion, kindness, and solidarity – Give 30

We’re witnessing an unprecedented surge in clients seeking food. Factors like precarious employment and the high cost of living are pushing food insecurity to new heights. Every time it seems like the need could not possibly be greater, it increases. Simply put, it’s heartbreaking.  

Before the pandemic, we served around 65,000 client visits per month. This figure has now reached 284,000.   

Once again, Daily Bread is partnering with Give 30 to help provide access to food for families and individuals facing food insecurity.

Give 30 is a grassroots initiative created by Toronto lawyer, Ziyaad Mia, in 2012. It is rooted in a major principle of Ramadan, the time when practicing Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, emphasizing the importance of community and generosity.

“Anyone who has fasted will tell you what a powerful experience it is,” said Ziyaad. “You endure for a day, and then you realize, I know I’ll be eating at sunset. But that person on the street, his sunset may never come. Or it’s going to come days from now.”

Food insecurity can affect anyone – your neighbour, a coworker, even you.  On average, we are registering over 12,500 new clients each month – six times more than before the pandemic. These are folks accessing food banks for the first time. We have become their last resort.   

By making a gift to Daily Bread through the Give 30 campaign you can help those families and individuals who are struggling to put food on the table.

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