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Affirming the Rights of Transgender People: Daily Bread Food Bank Statement

November 29, 2021

Daily Bread Food Bank stands in solidarity with and supports the transgender community, which includes those we serve, our volunteers, our staff, and the community as a whole.

As an organization committed to social justice, Daily Bread Food Bank seeks to support all transgender people and, in particular, those who have been victims of discrimination and those who are at risk of discrimination.  We support the specific needs and perspectives of transgender people who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, transgender people in sex work, transgender migrants and asylum seekers, intersex people (who may or may not identify as trans), transgender children and youth, senior transgender people, and transgender people with disabilities.  

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are embedded within the work of Daily Bread Food Bank.  Discrimination based on gender identity or expression continues to be damaging to the health of children, adults, families, and society.  Poverty alleviation work, including food programs, must actively affirm and support the safety and rights of transgender people.  

Daily Bread Food Bank condemns violence against transgender people and honours the lives of transgender people killed or harmed due to their identity.   

Daily Bread Food Bank affirms the diversity of gender expressions, regardless of gender identity, and the diversity of gender identities, including non-binary. 

Daily Bread Food Bank staff will refer to all individuals, including transgender individuals, by their stated pronouns and names and urges all volunteers, members, and the community to do the same.  

Daily Bread Food Bank encourages our member agencies to create safe environments for gender diverse, transgender, and intersex food program users, allowing everyone access to facilities, activities, and programs that are consistent with their gender identity. This includes providing gender-neutral washroom options, where possible, for individuals who would prefer to use them.  

Daily Bread encourages the incorporation of transgender voices and experiences in the governance and decision-making structures of community-based organizations. 

Daily Bread Food Bank encourages all community-based organizations to uphold and promote the rights of transgender people.  

This statement was developed by Daily Bread Food Bank and with permission, referenced statement by the American Library Association.

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