Aug 7, 2020

Daily Bread Food Bank Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Insecurity

Daily Bread Food Bank has released a report highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on food bank use and food insecurity. Hunger Lives Here: Risks and Challenges Faced by Food Bank Clients During COVID-19 revealed a 200% increase in new clients accessing food banks in Toronto during the pandemic.

On Thursday, August 6, report co-author Talia Bronstein, VP of Research and Advocacy at Daily Bread, was joined by Valerie Tarasuk, Principal Investigator at PROOF: Food Insecurity Institute, University of Toronto, to discuss key findings and the latest research on food insecurity trends and policy responses.

We are grateful to everyone who joined this insightful discussion.

Click here to access webinar slide decks

To read full report and our policy recommendations visit:

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