Feb 27, 2024

Empringham-TAIBU Food Bank: Empowering the community

Empringham-TAIBU Food Bank opened its doors in June 2023 to serve the Empringham community – a large complex of over 150 Toronto Community Housing townhomes with a high need for accessible, community driven food access.

Led by the UBUNTU Elders Council, the program is supported by TAIBU Community Health Centre – a multiservice agency based in Scarborough that supports Black communities by providing a variety of health promotion programs delivered in a culturally affirming environment. Focused on creating sustainable, transparent, and equitable food distribution, the program aims to empower the community by facilitating cross-generational connections and fostering a greater sense of involvement. 

“After visiting the Daily Bread warehouse and witnessing the grand scale in which the organization is run, [we] resolved to pursue the new project, post haste,” said Kesh Kumar, Chair of the UBUNTU Elders Council.   

Over the past two years, the demand for access to fresh and nutritious food has outgrown what the surrounding food banks can supply. The creation of this new food bank provides relief to nearby programs, further strengthening our network of food access across the city. 

Since opening its doors, Empringham-TAIBU Food Bank now supports close to 800 clients each month.

Daily Bread Food Bank’s member agencies play a critical role in providing access to fresh and nutritious food through 207 programs across the city. We are grateful for their partnership and incredible work in providing an integrated approach to community support beyond food.  

If you would like to support essential programs like Empringham-TAIBU Food Bank, click here to give generously today.  

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