Sep 3, 2021

Get involved in Hunger Action Month!

Hunger Action Month is an annual campaign occurring every September that raises awareness about hunger in our communities and encourages participation in the fight against hunger.

Whether you choose to educate, advocate, volunteer, or donate to end hunger, the following list  provides a good starting point to get involved.

Educate yourself and others by reading and sharing:  

  1. The 2030 Project: Ending Poverty in Canada is Daily Bread’s new podcast examining why poverty persists and what we can do about it. The 2030 Project is an educational tool as well as a call to action for how people can help to advocate for poverty reduction.
  2. Who’s Hungry Report 2020 is a cornerstone of Daily Bread’s advocacy work. Trained volunteers collect data from Toronto’s food bank clients as well as information about their day-to-day experience of living with hunger to create this annual report.
  3. Hunger Lives Here: Risks and Challenges Faced by Food Bank Clients During COVID-19 This report provides compelling information about how COVID-19 has affected those experiencing hunger and poverty in Toronto. Most importantly, it makes recommendations for all levels of government to prioritize poverty reduction.

Advocate for those experiencing hunger and poverty:  

 Food insecurity is a direct result of poverty — and poverty in Ontario is a political choice. Sign our petition telling the Premier to cut poverty in half by 2030!   Your signature will make all the difference! To reverse the trend of rising hunger, we must demand that our government make different choices, and a firm commitment — backed up by tangible actions and policy changes — to dramatically reduce poverty. Ontario just released its 2020–2025 Poverty Reduction Strategy and, disappointingly, it falls short by not committing to a meaningful poverty reduction target. By signing our petition, you’re sending a clear message to the government that food is a basic human right and that Ontario needs to make poverty reduction a priority.   Remember to sign the petition today and share with clients, friends, family and colleagues! 


Daily Bread would not be able to carry out its mission without the amazing work our volunteers do.  We are always looking to connect with individuals who want to work with us as we fight hunger in Toronto. To learn more about how you can get involved and volunteer with Daily Bread Food Bank, click here.  


Poverty continues to rise in our city and thousands of families and individuals are having to make difficult choices to make ends meet. As we continue to feel the impacts of COVID-19, the need for food support in our city is greater than ever.  Your donation will help to ensure that the most vulnerable among us have access to food. Click here to donate today.

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