Mar 28, 2022

Give 30: Your Compassion is Needed During this Extraordinary Time

Imagine having less than $10 per day (after rent and utilities are paid) to cover the cost of food, transportation, medical expenses, and other necessities. Let’s say you take TTC to and from work. You are now left with less than $3.00. Do you buy food or pay a bill? This is the stark and challenging reality facing tens of thousands of Torontonians who turn to food banks and meal programs to help sustain them. 

In 2021, there were 1.45 million food bank visits in Toronto, the highest number ever recorded in the city’s history…and the numbers continue to climb. 

Your compassion is needed during this extraordinary time.  

Thanks to a generous gift from Premium Uniforms, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar. In partnership with Give 30, we invite you to come together in the spirit of Ramadan to support those in need of food. 

Donate online at or by phone at 416-203-0050 ext 550.  

Ramadan Mubarak.  May it bring blessings and hope for all.  

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