Jun 29, 2023

Information and Referral: A Connection to Community Support 

Inflation and recent steep increases in the cost of living, particularly the price of food, have strained food bank clients’ budgets, leaving them with a median of $8.01 a day after rent and utilities are paid.  

Myrna is a Daily Bread food bank client who survives on the limited income provided by the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and essentials like medical, dental and eye care are often out of reach.  

“It’s not easy living on CPP,” says Myrna. “My husband and I need new glasses every two years and we just cannot afford it on our budget.” 

Daily Bread’s Information and Referral Program connects food bank clients to benefits that can help to supplement income, assist with employment and housing, and other to other crucial supports, like low-cost dental clinics or the Lens Crafters OneSight program that provided Myrna and her husband with much-needed eye care.  

“The volunteers in the Information and Referral Centre have always been very helpful. They have helped us to get new prescriptions, and even helped us get new mattresses,” says Myrna.   

“Our Information and Referral team helps connect clients with supports beyond access to food. They help provide a pathway for clients to sustain themselves better,” says Amna, Client Support Coordinator. “The volunteers play such a critical role in connecting clients with the agencies that can help them most.” 

The Information and Referral team also hosts a community information table, where clients can connect directly with organizations like Service Canada, where clients can get direct support with applications for government programs like Ontario Works. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from our Information and Referral services, click here to register for a Client ID.  If you require assistance, please call 416-203-0050 ext 1 or email [email protected]  

If you would like to support Daily Bread’s essential programs like this one with a monetary donation, please click here 

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