Jul 31, 2019

Jose and Krista’s Story

When Jose learned about the food bank, he wasn’t sure if he felt comfortable asking for help. After a couple more weeks, it was clear: Jose didn’t have a choice.

Krista and Jose’s lives are in a stressful place. Jose is a mechanical worker and Krista is taking care of their infant daughter. They are trying to keep a safe roof over their heads and afford the baby food their daughter needs. Each day, they worry about how they are going to make it work.

“We need to provide for her,” says Jose about their daughter. “I’m struggling to make ends meet.”

He found a flyer a few weeks back for the Gerrard and Sherbourne food bank, a Daily Bread member agency that helps families experiencing hunger, thanks to your generous support.  But Jose wasn’t sure if he felt comfortable asking for help.

After a couple more weeks of skipping meals and feeling like they were constantly on the edge, Jose knew he didn’t have a choice. When they came to the food bank, the relief on their faces was evident.

“If this didn’t exist, some people wouldn’t be able to eat,” says Krista, tears welling to her eyes.

Jose and Krista are deeply grateful for the generosity of supporters like you who help ensure they can give their daughter the nutrition she needs, and that they can have food on their table each day.

Become a monthly donor today, and help families like Jose and Krista’s access the food they need to stay healthy.

Thank you for your support.

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