Apr 14, 2020

Paying it Forward with Rita Ng

Since COVID-19 swept the globe, the impact on citizens has been swift and extreme. Without warning, thousands of individuals were facing challenging circumstances, including unemployment and lack of resources – and those living in poverty have been hit the hardest.

As we collectively adjust to this new reality, many in our city are taking this time to pause and reflect on what is truly important to them.

For Rita Ng, it was gratitude. Having once relied on food banks herself, she started thinking about how lucky she was to have a roof over her head and food on the table. When she thought about the people who would be hit hardest, she knew she had to do something.

Rita set up on online fundraiser through Daily Bread’s website and reached out to her friends and family, encouraging them to give food or funds if they were able. The response was immediate, and in one week, Rita raised $5,000 and 500 lbs of food.

When we asked Rita what her biggest take-away from the experience was, she replied:

 “I have learned two valuable lessons. First, it is incredible what you can achieve when you unite together to accomplish a goal. Secondly, it is okay to be vulnerable. I realized the significance of sharing my story about moments in my own childhood, when my mom relied on food banks to feed my brother and me. I am grateful to now be in a position where I can pay it forward and give back to vulnerable families in my community.”

As we continue to move through unprecedented economic changes, and food insecurity continues to increase in the GTA, we are endlessly grateful for the generosity of donors like Rita and countless others who have reached out to help their neighbours during this time. We would not be able to meet this need alone.

If you are wondering how you too can make an impact during these times, Rita suggests considering making a food or financial donation, sharing, “If you are in a position to help, then please consider it a blessing to be able to do so. Now more than ever is the time to extend ourselves, show compassion and give back.”

Thank you Rita for your love of our city and care for those in need.

To register for your own food, or fundraiser click here!

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