Mar 5, 2021

You Can Provide a Fresh Start, and a Reason to Hope This Spring

Spring brings the promise of new beginnings and so can you!

As we spring forward in to the season of rejuvenation and growth, we here at Daily Bread are looking back at this past year, the challenges we’ve overcome, and all that we’ve been able to provide to thousands across the city who are experiencing hunger.

Unfortunately, there are still thousands of families across Toronto, that are experiencing food insecurity.

Every $1 you donate provides a meal for people like Val, a client of Daily Bread Food Bank’s Network.

Val brought his young family to Canada to build a better future for his children, and to care for his sick father. Though they were just making ends meet, they were happy. They were excited to welcome their third child in their adopted hometown of Toronto.

But, like so many families living on the edge of poverty, their lives were turned upside down by events out of their control. Their son was born premature and needed a lot of medical care. The time and energy that they poured into the health of their baby drained the family emotionally and financially.

When their baby boy finally came home, the cost of diapers, wipes, and other necessities—on top of other family expenses—threatened to overwhelm them. And then the pandemic hit, putting them in an even tougher situation. Val was forced to rely on his emergency savings much sooner than he’d expected, and it could only go so far.

Thankfully, Val was put in touch with us here at Daily Bread Food Bank, and within hours, help was on its way. Val and his family received plenty of fresh, nutritious food to nourish their growing kids, and were provided much-needed baby supplies to care for their youngest son.

Our 2021 Spring Food Drive is launching, please help today!

On behalf of Val, his family, and the thousands of people impacted by your generosity, thank you for fighting hunger this spring and working alongside us to ensure that our Toronto community has access to fresh, nutritious food.

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