Volunteer High School Hours

Earn High School Hours through the Take Action Project

Daily Bread’s Take Action Project (TAP) lets secondary students earn their volunteer hours while helping people experiencing food insecurity in Toronto.  

We are excited to welcome youth back to Daily Bread’s onsite Youth Take Action Project (TAP).  TAP program days are on Wednesdays and Fridays, throughout the months of July and August.  We are located at 191 New Toronto Street in Etobicoke, and the minimum age requirement is 15 years.  Contact volunteer@dailybread.ca 

Another fun way to support Daily Bread and get high school service hours is to organize a community food drive. 

For every 25 non-perishable food items you collect for donation to Daily Bread, you’ll earn one volunteer hour!  

How does it work? 

Organizing a community food drive is super simple and the Daily Bread team is here to support you along the way!  

Step 1: Register your food drive

TIP: Make sure you click the checkbox to indicate you’re interested in earning volunteer hours! 

Daily Bread will reach out within 1-2 days with a welcome email that includes detailed instructions and some tools and resources to help you run a safe and successful food drive. 

TIP: If you’re eager to get started on your planning right away, you can also download our list of most-needed food items and poster template. 

Step 2: Let People Know!

Let your friends, family, and neighbours know you’re organizing a food drive in support of Daily Bread and that you need their help!  

TIP: Think about how you will collect the food. Will you pick it up directly from donors or will you ask them to drop off at a central location? Whichever option you choose, be sure to provide clear instructions and specific dates/times, and remember to follow all public health guidelines.  


Step 3: Count

Once you’ve collected your donations, it’s time to count them and take a photo to show off your hard work!  

TIP: Lay out the food items on a flat surface and snap a photo or selfie. Be sure all the items are spread out and clearly visible so we can confirm your count.  

Step 4: Drop Off Donations

Drop off the food donations at your local fire hall or participating grocery store, and take another photo to capture the moment!  

TIP: You can also drop off your food donations directly at Daily Bread (191 New Toronto Street) if you’re located nearby. Remember, if you post your photos on social media be sure to tag us on IG @dailybreadto 

Step 5: Email volunteer@dailybread.ca

Send an email to volunteer@dailybread.ca with your item count and two photos. Daily Bread will verify the count, assign your volunteer hours, and send you a letter. 

TIP: Remember, for every 25 non-perishable food items you collect you’ll earn one volunteer hour.  

Pretty simple, right? Register your food drive and get started today!  


Please reach Tira Rampersad-Campbell, Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@dailybread.ca
or (647) 933 6480.