What is Click/Hear?

The Research and Advocacy team at Daily Bread Food Bank has launched Click/Hear to stay connected with food bank clients throughout the year and to engage them in our advocacy work.

The program is rooted in Daily Bread’s Rights-Based Approach (RBA) where clients are active and empowered participants of social change to tackle socio-economic issues and systemic barriers. These stories help us to advocate directly to government on the issues that matter most to food bank clients.

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Are you a Daily Bread Client?
Share Your Experience and Advocate for Change.

Are you a food bank client interested in sharing your views? Sign up here to receive a short monthly survey from Click/Hear on the topics that have deep impact on your daily life, from access to air conditioning to the cost of winter clothing for children.

By gathering your stories, we can paint a powerful picture that will highlight the growing income divide in our city. It will provide a platform to push policymakers and for the public to understand the needs people face when they must rely on a food bank.

Through this survey, you can help advocate for policy changes that improve the quality of life for everyone experiencing poverty and hunger in our city.

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