Give Food

Your surplus food can help support your neighbours.

Do you have surplus stock? We have the solution.  

You can divert inventory that is nearing date, post-date, cancelled, damaged, redundant, or surplus through Daily Bread Food Bank and we will distribute it to hundreds of food programs across the city. 

Most needed items include: 

  • Fresh food, including meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits. 
  • Shelf-stable and non-perishable foods that are long-lasting – like rice, beans, pasta, and flours. 
  • Canned protein like chicken and tuna. 

We are equipped to support you, we have: 

  • A fully equipped cold supply chain.
  • Free pickup with a fleet of 26’ and 53’  trucks (minimum 1 pallet).
  • 170,000 ft2 warehouse and 5,000+ ft2 of cold/frozen storage.
  • Food handling certified professionals.

Daily Bread Food Bank is trained in safe food handling procedures to reduce the risk of foodborne illness, and are able to manage fresh and perishable foods. Donations are protected under the provincial Good Samaritan Laws, which protect those who donate and distribute food in good faith from liability risks.

Prefer to call? 

You can call Andrew Manson, Senior Manager, Corporate Food Partnerships at 647-952-3516 or email [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in donating your corporate food inventory.

Please fill out the form and Andrew Mason, Senior Manager, Corporate Food Partnerships will get back to you shortly.

Prefer to call?

You can also give Andrew Mason, Senior Manager, Corporate Food Partnerships a call at 647-952-3516.