Nov 10, 2020

Daily Bread Food Bank Meal Program Update

Part of Daily Bread Food Bank’s revised strategy to continue to meet the growing needs of our city, and increased number of clients visiting food banks, is to transition meal programs toward a focus on purchased items.  

This shift has allowed us to introduce standard items, which we have chosen for their broad appeal. In addition to an order sheet of institutional sized food items, Daily Bread will now be offering eggs, yogurt cups and chicken thighs as a standing order item for each of its Meal Programs. 

The amount of these products agencies receive will be based on the number of meals their program serves. We have classified Members into three categories based on meals served – small, medium, and large. 

  • Small – less than 4000 meals per month: 1 case yogurt, 1 case halal chicken legs, 1 case eggs weekly. 
  • Medium – 4000 to 9000 meals per month: 3 cases yogurt, 3 cases halal chicken legs, 3 cases eggs weekly. 
  • Large – more than 9000 meals per month: 5 cases yogurt, 5 cases halal chicken legs, 5 cases eggs weekly. 

Our hope is that this shift will better enable meal planning and that the provision of quality proteins will help our agency partners continue to offer balanced, quality meals to the people we serve. 

This program began on November 9, 2020 and will continue through June 30, 2021, which is the end of Daily Bread’s fiscal year, and will look at continuing the program into the new fiscal if financially possible. 

To support the important work of our agency partners, and those that they serve, click here.

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