Sep 4, 2020

Feeding Our City with Pusateri’s

In April 2020, Pusateri’s Fine Foods launched its initiative, Feeding Our Heroes, which had a lofty goal of donating 25,000 meals to frontline workers during COVID-19. 

Having provided 10,000 meals by June, the City of Toronto began to reopen, the number of individuals experiencing food insecurity was still on the rise and Pusateri’s wanted to be a part of the solution. 

Their desire to give back to their community led to the creation of Feeding Our City, an initiative rooted in wanting to support local food banks who graciously feed and fuel our city’s most vulnerable men, women, and children. 

“As a community, we realize the effects of COVID-19 and the impact it has on every element of our lives,” said Frank Luchetta. “As businesses reopen and move forward, it is important to remember that we have people and communities still struggling.  We are so touched seeing all the companies and organizations mobilizing for a good cause over the last few months, and we hope with these meals, that we can be part of lending a helping hand.” 

Since June, through Feeding our City, Pusateri’s has been able to deliver nearly 400 meals twice a week to Daily Bread Food Bank to ensure our clients have access to fresh nutritious food! 

Thank you Pusateri’s for being such an incredible partner in our fight against hunger! 

To learn more about how you can donate food to Daily Bread Food Bank click here.

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