Apr 11, 2023

How This Volunteer Fights Hunger from All Sides

Bill Argeropoulos had never worn a Santa suit before. But when Daily Bread Food Bank needed a St. Nick to bring joy (and attention to food insecurity) at the CP Holiday Train event last year, he didn’t hesitate to don the costume. And even though the one-hour time commitment unexpectedly turned into a three-hour lineup of kids and families, he kept up a beaming energy that shone from his first smile to his 100th.

“It was fantastic,” he said, looking back. “Anything I can do to help the organization.”

Bill smiling with two kids as Daily Bread’s Santa at the CP Holiday Train event last year.

This sums up Bill’s attitude. Food insecurity is a problem he sees growing before his very eyes — as a Daily Bread volunteer and in his day-to-day grocery bills — so he wants to tackle the problem in any way he can. “The need to fight hunger in our city has never been greater,” he said.

Bill fights this fight in so many different ways. He volunteers once or twice a week at Daily Bread, sorting donations on the production floor. He uses social media platforms to advocate for long-term, systemic changes that will reduce poverty. He even delivers meals to seniors through the Canadian Red Cross and volunteers at GlobalMedic, preparing emergency aid kits and food bags (some of which he’s seen come through Daily Bread’s doors!).

Bill being interviewed by CP24 on site at Daily Bread Food Bank

Bill’s clear dedication to ending food insecurity earned him an invitation to our fund development committee, where he is the sole volunteer representative amongst board members and staff. He hopes to use his knowledge and network built from a long career in commercial real estate to move the needle for Daily Bread’s fundraising efforts.

Not only does Bill do whatever he can to make an impact on food insecurity — he also inspires others to do the same. A friend of his has signed up to volunteer at Daily Bread, and both of his kids have volunteered on site as well. And what do they think about how much their dad’s been volunteering in his retirement?

“They are impressed,” he said. “They’re seeing another side of Dad that they’ve never seen before. And, to tell you the truth, I’m seeing another side of me that I haven’t seen, either.”

To learn more about volunteering at Daily Bread Food Bank, please visit our site.

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