Sep 16, 2022

John Never Thought He Would Need a Food Bank

Before the pandemic, John never thought he would need a food bank. Yet like thousands of other people, he suddenly started receiving fewer hours at work after COVID-19 hit his industry. Living on his own, he couldn’t afford to pay for rent, food, and other essential expenses.

 “It was a rough time,” he says. “Just surviving was a challenge.” That’s when John decided to seek help at the food bank near his home in West Toronto. “I didn’t know what to expect,” he says, “but everyone was so nice and helpful.”

At the food bank, John was able to get fresh produce and meat that he simply couldn’t afford to buy on his own. “And I didn’t have to make the tough decision between buying food or paying rent,” says John.

Many of our clients, like John, come to the food bank due to circumstances outside their control. Compounding factors like rising rents and the ballooning cost of groceries mean an increasing number of individuals and families must access emergency supports like food banks to get the food they need.

“I definitely have to go to the food bank more often now,” says John. “I can get fresh vegetables and some meat that I can’t afford to buy at the grocery store.” John is looking forward to the day when he can get 40 hours of work on a regular basis. Until then, he’s grateful for donors like you who make it possible for him to have fresh and nutritious food to eat.

With demand across our member agencies reaching record highs, your support has never been more crucial.

Donate today to help provide food that will promote good health and brighten the hearts of families in need this Thanksgiving.

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