Oct 6, 2023

No one plans to rely on a food bank – Kyle* was no different.

Kyle had followed all the steps that should lead to a life of security and comfort. He completed an apprenticeship that led to a successful career earning nearly six figures and purchased a home to build equity and create a solid financial foundation for the future.

The thought of accessing a food bank had never occurred to him.

And then, Kyle experienced a catastrophic workplace accident that left him unable to work.

“Now that I’m receiving Worker’s Compensation, my salary is less than half of what I received while working. It’s only through the support of my girlfriend and the food bank that I have enough food to eat,” says Kyle.

Kyle admits it was difficult coming to terms with needing to rely on the food bank. “At first, I was worried who might see me in line at the food bank, I had to swallow my pride,” he said. “But then I thought, why am I worried about people judging me, they aren’t the ones going without food, they aren’t paying my bills. I need to use the resources available to take care of myself.”

Although relying on a food bank has been an adjustment for Kyle, he has learned how to make low-cost, healthy meals by supplementing the food he buys at the grocery store with what he receives from the food bank.

“I shop smarter now,” Kyle shares. “The first thing I do now is head right to the sale aisle at the grocery store to see what I can get. At the food bank, I stock up on meat, eggs and tuna and then I check out the produce. With all the food combined, I can make a nice meal, full of protein that isn’t processed.”

Kyle is thankful for the support the food bank has offered him, but he dreams of a day when food is a right that is realized for everyone. “It would be nice if there was easier access to food. We have to take care of everyone, and I think the government needs to realize that.”

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*Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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