Jun 8, 2023

Our Voices Matter: Mayoral By-Election Priorities  

On June 26, Torontonians will elect a new Mayor. This is an important opportunity to shape the direction and priorities of City Council, whose jurisdiction includes affordable housing, public transit, parks and recreation, homelessness services, public libraries, and much more.

To learn more about voter eligibility and how to cast your ballot, click here.

Daily Bread’s newest report from the Click/Hear program, through which we regularly survey participating food bank clients, asked clients if they planned to vote, and what they hoped to see the new mayor of Toronto prioritize. Here is what we learned:

Food Bank Clients are Highly Engaged Voters

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) indicated that they are eligible to vote. Among these respondents, an astounding 95% responded that they were intending to vote in the mayoral by-election.

This result directly contradicts the typical assumption made that low-income residents, and particularly renters, are less likely to vote. Clients noted that voting was important to them because voting is central to democracy, it ensures strong representation that reflects their values, and it move the needle on issues that matter to them.

Housing is the Number One Priority for Food Bank Clients

When asked about the number one issue the incoming Mayor should prioritize, nearly half (49%) of survey respondents listed housing as their top priority, followed by food access and affordability (12%), and public transit (9%).

These priorities do not come as a shock given the current state of our city. It is undeniable that Toronto is in the midst of a worsening housing crisis. Skyrocketing housing costs, stagnant incomes, and a dwindling number of affordable units have all contributed to the crisis while increasing strain on Toronto’s social housing and shelter systems.

Read the full report here.

Wondering Who to Vote for this By-Election?

Click here to check out our candidate platform guide. At Daily Bread, we’re looking for a Mayor who will:

  • Increase the number of affordable & deeply affordable rental housing units, while supporting tenants through eviction prevention programs.
  • Support food access by ensuring food programs have access to affordable and accessible spaces and invest in the resiliency of these programs to ensure they can provide services during emergencies or public crises.
  • Expand the TTC Fair Pass Discount Program and ensure that TTC service is reliable, affordable and safe to keep our city moving.
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