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Patrick's Story

January 18, 2021

When COVID-19 hit Toronto, and people began stock piling supplies, Patrick, in his 70’s and suffering from severe osteoarthritis, became overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.

Living alone in Toronto Community Housing, receiving old age security, and having limited mobility meant that he was no longer able to access food from the grocery store, so he made the decision to visit Daily Bread Member Agency, Fort York Food Bank, for the first time.

When the volunteers at the food bank realized that Patrick suffered from health issues that impacted his mobility, they arranged to have his food delivered to him through their partnership with the Toronto Bike Brigade. The Toronto Bike Brigade is an organization that pairs volunteer cyclists with community organizations to deliver supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving isolated, vulnerable people, and seniors.

Every Saturday morning, Patrick receives the nutritious food he needs to stay healthy, and a friendly face at his door, ensuring that he’s keeping safe and well.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Patrick was able to turn to the food bank to receive the food, and sense of family he needed at a time when he felt isolated.

“I am overjoyed by the support they have given me. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to the Food Bank for how supportive and caring they have been. They are a source of connection, they feel like my family, especially because I live alone.”

Thank you for changing the lives of people like Patrick’s in so many ways. As our communities continue to feel the impacts of COVID-19, your generosity is these challenging times is providing food and hope for better tomorrows.

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