Aug 5, 2021

Spotlight on 5n2, Daily Bread’s Newest Member Agency

Image of Seema David from 5n2 food bank

5n2 is one of our newest member agencies serving the Scarborough community. It was founded by Seema David in 2013 and since then they have served over 474,000 people. Seema immigrated to Canada from the Middle East in 2007. While she commuted to work downtown each day, was shocked by the homelessness that was evident on the streets of Toronto. At the same time, she was meeting other new immigrants in Scarborough who were struggling to feed their families. 

Determined to help her community, Seema began to serve soup three days a week operating out of a shared space at the Global Kingdom Ministries church kitchen. In early 2019, 5n2 moved into its own space and continued to expand our operations in order to keep up with the growing issues surrounding food insecurity. 

During COVID-19, 5n2 remained open 7 days a week supporting the community, especially those in isolation and at risk. Thanks to the support of their community, they were able to add a new facility to their program, enabling them to expand and meet the needs of East Scarborough communities. 

Currently, they are serving over 3500 meals at eleven locations each week and supplying much-needed grocery hampers to the more isolated in our neighborhoods. Alongside their kitchen, they run additional programs such as 5n2 Food Pantry, 5n2 Community Garden. 

Welcome, Seema and team! We are grateful for your amazing work and look forward to supporting your organization. 

To make a donation to Daily Bread Food Bank and support the work of our agency partners, click here. 

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