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What is a Rights-Based Approach to Food?

February 10, 2022

Food is a human right. No one should go hungry or face barriers in accessing the food they need. 

Last year, food banks in Toronto saw 1.45 million client visits – the highest number ever recorded in our city’s history and a 47% increase compared to the year prior. For the first time ever, new clients outnumbered existing clients at food banks with a 61% increase compared to the year prior.  

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to ripple through our city, we cannot stand still as thousands of families and individuals skip meals to feed their children or pay their rent. 

As a Rights-Based organization, Daily Bread Food Bank is guided by the following commitments:  

  1. Providing low-barrier service and equitable access to nutritious food and variety at all food programs. We do not require documentation at food programs. We will facilitate access to food to anyone who needs it, regardless of circumstance, and enable food choice whenever possible. 
  1. Providing respectful and dignified customer service at all food programs. We will foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.   
  1. Empowering and prioritizing the people we serve. Our decisions will take into account the lived experience of the individuals we serve.  
  1. Advocating for the realization of the Right to Food. We will collaborate with groups and individuals to affirm food as a human right through robust advocacy for policies that encourage government bodies to act on the root causes of poverty.  
  1. Fostering a culture that reflects Rights-Based Approach principles and embedding practices in our ways of operating. From the Board of Directors, leadership, employees to member agencies, we will apply a rights-based lens to our work from governance, strategy, planning, delivery, and evaluation.  
  1. Embracing evidence-based decision making across the organization. We will leverage data, client input, and feedback in decision making processes, and leverage insights to continuously improve our programs, services, and operations. 

Click here to learn about Daily Bread Food Bank’s Mission, Vision and Values and our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.  

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