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Daily Bread’s Winter 2023 Training Program

Daily Bread’s Training Program will run February – May 2023. Registration is now open to staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors of member agencies, mostly online. Please note that our registration system has changed. To register, please find the training you will be attending below and click the registration link. You will then be taken to the unique page on Eventbrite where you must enter your information to reserve a spot for each attendee. You will receive an order confirmation email with the link to the event. To view or access the event, you need to log into Eventbrite and then will be taken to either MS Teams or Zoom.

Pre-recorded sessions are now available on-demand as a resource for your staff and volunteers: 

February – May 2023 Training Schedule: 

Anti-Oppression 101

April 13, 1-3:30pm

Audience: A Program Coordinator per Program

We witness the impacts of inequality in our society, serving people who are struggling with poverty and food insecurity. This online workshop aspires to begin a conversation about how and why clients are treated differently, and how we can create more inclusive and respectful services with these experiences in mind. Drawing on our real lives, we will collectively and critically examine how our histories, identities and experiences affect ourselves and our programs. With this in mind, we will practice ways of supporting clients and each other in empowering ways. A coordinator from each program will be required to take this workshop. Some pre-reading and a questionnaire should be expected.

Board Governance Essentials (for Board of Directors) 

  • Grassroots – March 2, 6-7:30pm 
  • General – May 16, 6-7:30pm

Audience: Board of Directors 

What does it mean to be part of a Board of Directors? As a board member, you have certain responsibilities to enable the success of your group. In this 90-minute interactive webinar, learn about the purpose of boards, your role and what is expected of you, and how to work effectively on a board. Plus, learn about the rules that impact boards and how you can contribute to making an impact. 

Live Webinar: Advanced Link2Feed 

  • March 10, 1-2pm

Audience: Coordinators & Intake or Admin Staff or Volunteers 

Though pre-recorded pieces will be available on-demand, this live interactive webinar will take staff and volunteers through advanced features of Link2Feed like reporting, administrative features, passwords, support tickets and new accounts. Bring your burning L2F questions! 

Safe Food Handling 

Audience: 2 People from Each Program 

Each food program is entitled to 2 free SFH certifications per membership year (October-September). Certifications are offered online and consist of two activities: a training portion and a 1-hour online exam. Those who successfully pass the exam will receive a Food Handler Certificate that is recognized by Toronto Public Health and is valid for five years. Online exams are available in English and French. 

Verbal De-escalation  

  • February 22, 1-3pm 
  • March 23, 10-12pm 
  • May 8, 1-3pm

Audience: 2 Staff or Volunteers per Program (Interested in & suited to de-escalation) 

Incidents of crisis are inevitable in the work we do, and we need to be prepared when they happen. How can we compassionately respond to a person experiencing distress? How can we minimize harm done to them and those around them? How do we debrief incidents and learn for next time? This online workshop will provide frontline staff or volunteers who are interested in de-escalation with the verbal and non-verbal tools they need to prevent and respond to crises. Each agency should send 2-4 people who are present during the program. 

Volunteer Management Cycle for Food Programs 

  • February 8, 2023, 10-11am 
  • April 24, 1-2pm 

Audience: Program & Volunteer Coordinators 

Bringing in more great volunteers is a key pathway to food program success. How can you recruit the right volunteers? What steps can you take to encourage volunteers to stay with your food program? How can you embrace client-volunteers to enhance your program? Learn all this and more in this 1-hour interactive webinar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trainings available to non-members?

No, Daily Bread Trainings are customized for staff, volunteers and Boards of Daily Bread member agencies running food programs in Toronto.

What is the cost of each training?

All trainings are free for member agencies though there are limits to have many people can be sent. Every food program receives 2 Safe Food Handling trainings every year (Oct-Sept) and can access additional trainings at the discounted price of $38.50 each if they’d like.

How do I register?

Registration for the Winter Term will be held through Eventbrite. Find the training you will be attending in the descriptions above and click on the registration link. You will be taken to the unique page on Eventbrite where you can enter your information to reserve your spot. Each attendee must register separately. You will then receive an email with the link to the event. To view or access the event, you need to log into Eventbrite and then will be taken to either MS Teams or Zoom. You will have to create an account with Eventbrite if you do not already have one. Questions can be sent to but registrations will not be accepted by email – you must register through Eventbrite.

If the training you are registering for is full, you will have the option to join a waitlist on Eventbrite. Please do not exceed the number of people each program can send when registering.

How many people can I send from my agency/program?

Please see below for how many people from each program can be sent to each training:
Board Governance Essentials: Up to 10 Board members
Volunteer Management Cycle: Up to 5 people
Live Webinar on Link2Feed: Up to 5 people
Anti-Oppression 101: Up to 2 Program Coordinators
Verbal De-escalation: Up to 4 people interested in and suited for de-escalation

Are trainings online or in-person?

All trainings in Winter 2023 are online unless otherwise specified. Client Centred Service trainings as part of onboarding new agencies will be conducted in person, likely in the program space.  

Will trainings be recorded? What platform is used?

Some training courses may be recorded for learning purposes though participants will be alerted. Recordings will not be available upon request. The Volunteer Management Cycle and Board Governance Essentials sessions are held on Zoom and others will be held on MS Teams 

Who will conduct trainings?

Most trainings will be facilitated by Daily Bread Staff except for Volunteer Management Cycle and Board Governance Essentials who will be conducted by Sammy Feilchenfeld of Volunteer Toronto, and Safe Food Handling done by TrainCan.

Interested in registering for one of the workshops above? Please email and ask for a registration form that is specific to your course.