Give Food Farm Donations

Farm to Food Bank Program 

Daily Bread’s Farm to Food Bank program engages a network of farms across Ontario in a partnership to provide people in-need with local produce. These farms help Daily Bread supply fresh, nutritious food to food-insecure communities. Access to more than 25 types of fresh fruits and vegetables is possible because of our generous farmers. 

Our Farm to Food Bank program is designed to make it easy for local farmers to donate produce. Participating farmers have access to food bank resources and can call upon our team to pick up donated produce at any time. Donations can be arranged as weekly pick-ups on a designated day or on an as-needed basis. 

Once the produce is in our care, we mobilize our team to sort and distribute it as quickly as possible to hundreds of food programs across Toronto.  Daily Bread’s kitchen can also turn surplus produce into hearty and nutritious soups and casseroles for   meal programs. 

We are proud to work with farms to help divert naturally imperfect produce that would otherwise end up in landfills – and we are looking to build more partnerships. 

To learn more about our Farm to Food Bank Program, please contact Andrew Manson, Manager, Corporate Partnerships (Food) at or (647) 952-3516.

Daily Bread gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Walmart Foundation and Walmart Canada for helping to establish our Farm to Food Bank Program. 

Good Samaritan Act  

(Donation of Food Act, S.O. 1994, CHAPTER 19) 


Tax Receipting for Farmers 

The Food Donation Tax Credit for Farmers was announced in November 2013 as an amendment to the Local Food Act by the Government of Ontario. Under the Federal Income Tax Act, this is a 25% non-refundable tax credit (based on the fair market value of agricultural products) donated by Ontario farmers to a registered charity within Ontario. 

For a farmer to claim this credit, food banks must issue a gift-in-kind donation receipt which outlines in detail a) the description of the product donated and b) its fair market value. Food banks, in partnership with the farmer, are responsible for determining the fair market value of the donated agricultural product. 

Daily Bread will issue one tax receipt based on the total donations received within one calendar year, January 1 – December 31, unless otherwise requested by the donor.